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Fitzgibbon Workplace Law Legal Alert (Volume 1, Issue 11)

Here is the Fitzgibbon Workplace Law, Legal Alert (Volume 1, Issue 11) for your perusal.  The Alert contains the following articles:

  1. When is and Employer Required to Investigate?
  2. Criticizing Your Employer or Your Boss
  3. Your Words Can Come Back to Bite You
  4. Fiduciary Duties and Just Cause at the Court of Appeal
  5. What is a Resignation and When is it Effective?
  6. Probationary Clauses and Inducement in Employment Law
  7. Legalization of Recreational Cannabis
  8. Frustration of the Employment Contract – What is Needed?
  9. The $15 Minimum Wage – Brilliant Business Strategy or Job Killer?
  10. Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Affirms Damages Principles in Employment Law
  11. Evidence Needed to Get Mental Distress and Aggravated Damages
  12. Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015
  13. Bill 47, Next Steps and Timing
  14. Imposter Phenomenon (Syndrome)
  15. Cell Phone Use and Driving#Metoo One Year Later
  16. You can’t contract out the duty to accommodate