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Fitzgibbon Workplace Law, May 2018, Legal Alert

Here is the Fitzgibbon Workplace Law, May 2018, Legal Alert that reviews labour and employment developments over the past 30 days (give or take) and contains the following articles:

  1. Reasonable Notice, Benefits and Bonuses at Common Law
  2. Terminating the Long Service, Older Worker
  3. Request for a List of Employees by an Organizing Trade Union
  4. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied? Or the Harsh Consequences of Missing a Filing Deadline
  5. Can a Union Intimidate and Coerce Employees During an Organizing Drive?
  6. Production of Communication Between HR and Management – The Hard Truth
  7. Sale of a Business under the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and the Distressed Company
  8. Weight to be Given to Findings in a Criminal Case in a Civil Proceeding
  9. Cautionary Disclosure Case for Employers
  10. Remembrance Day is a Public Holiday Throughout Canada But Not in Ontario (for now)
  11. There Are Limits to the Duty to Accommodate

I hope you find something of value in the Alert.