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2019-02-05T10:35:18-05:00 February 5, 2019|Publications|

Fitzgibbon Workplace Law Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1

Last week I published the first issue of 2019 of the Fitzgibbon Workplace Law Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 1.  The Newsletter contains the following articles:

  1. Ministry of Labour Publishes New ESA Poster and Your Obligations
  2. Permanent Residency as a Condition of Employment
  3. Does a Non-Solicitation Clause Require a Geographical Limitation?
  4. Frustration of the Employment Contract – What’s this Mean (Really)?
  5. Anticipatory Termination of Contract
  6. Defamation and Employment Law – A Bad Mix
  7. Medical Cannabis and the Duty to Accommodate
  8. Articles and Developments of Interest