Here is O. Reg 200/20 under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act which amends Regulation 82/20 Closure of Non-Essential Businesses. The Regulation expands the list of essential businesses to include garden centres and plant nurseries, including greenhouses that engage in retail sales to the public, hardware stores, safety supply stores.

In addition, a place of business that is not listed in Schedule 2 (essential business) may open for the purpose of engaging in retail sales to the public if,

  • the sales are exclusively made using an alternative method of sale such as curb side pick-up or delivery;
  • the place of business has a public entrance that opens onto a street or exterior sidewalk; and
  • no member of the public is permitted to access the place of business, except in exceptional circumstances.

Furthermore, O. Reg. 200/20 now permits businesses not listed on Schedule 2 (essential businesses) to have temporary access to a closed place of business, for a number of purposes, which now include to prepare the place of business to be reopened.

Certain sports training facilities have been added to the list of essential business, namely those operated by the following:

A.  Canadian Football League.
B.  Major League Baseball.
C.  Major League Soccer.
D.  National Basketball Association.
E.  National Hockey League.

Every sports team that operates a training facility described above shall ensure that,

(a)  the facility may only be used if,
(i)  the team’s league has established a health and safety protocol for the use of training facilities, and
(ii)  the training facility is operated in compliance with the health and safety protocol; and

(b)  the only persons permitted to enter and use the facility are,
(i)  players on the team who are using the facility for the purposes of training or conditioning, and
(ii)  such staff as are strictly necessary to operate the facility and support the training or conditioning of the players.

These are early days in the re-opening.  It is likely that the list of essential businesses will be expanded (or limited) depending on public health guidance.